MXM VIP - Houston, TX

MXM VIP - Houston, TX

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MXM 1st Meet & Live US Tour
Zilkha Hall / The Hobby Center
Houston, TX

MXM is a South Korean duo from Brand New Boys under Brand New Music comprising of members Youngmin and Donghyun. MXM officially debuted on September 6th 2017 with their debut pop track “I’m The One.”
The boys of MXM may seem familiar if anyone has followed the hit survival show Produce 101. Prior to MXM, Youngmin and Donghyun were contestants on Produce 101 Season 2 competing as trainees to debut. After the show ended, many fans recognized their talents and their company debuted the two as a duo.
MXM stands for “Mix and Match” and “More and More” representing the duo’s compatibility despite contrasting qualities.

VIP ticket includes
- Fansign Preshow Event
- Free CD for Personal Signatures
- Group Photo Session
- Hightouch
- Laminated Badges with Lanyard
- Early Entry
- General Admission to the Premium Section