Pick A Pose - TeenTop

Pick A Pose - TeenTop

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- You must log into your account before you purchase Snapshot tickets.
- Only one-time purchase is available per account for online presale. (One-time purchase for each city)
- You can only purchase through one transaction of up to 25 tickets per city.
- You can't buy more tickets of the same city you already purchased even though you bought less than 25 tickets.
- You can purchase tickets once for each city.
- If you want to buy more tickets, you can buy them at the show on site.

* Snapshot tickets are limited due to the supplies and hours for the session in each city. The half tickets of each city are available on Online Presale. The other half will go on sale at the venue after the show.
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How does Snapshot work?

1. Each ticket is good for one pose with an artist.
2. After the show, wait in line for the Snapshot session. (While waiting in line, Pick-A-Pose you'd like to do with a member)
3. When it's your turn, ask the photographer for the pose you choose. If you have more than one ticket, you can take another shots with other poses.
4. Once you have done with all poses you choose with the member, receive the pictures(instant films) and keep it carefully while being developed. (Do not touch the surface or shake the film, it may be damaged.)
5. If you have more tickets for other artists, find another line for other member and repeat (3) and (4) until you consume all your tickets.
6. Filming or shooting during the Snapshot session is strictly prohibited (other than Studio PAV’s instant film cameras.) NO signing request on the snapshot film is allowed.
7. You must leave the space as soon as you finish for others behind you.