A. EARLY ACCESS is a privilege for existing users of KpopTickets.com who have previously bought a top tier ticket. The qualified users can buy top tier tickets through EARLY ACCESS earlier than Presale for public.

Q. Who is eligible for EARLY ACCESS?

A. When logged in, KpopTickets.com account holders who have previously bought a TOP TIER TICKET will see 'EARLY ACCESS' as your account status on the 'My Account' page. If your status is other than that, your are not eligible for EARLY ACCESS. But you can still buy top tier tickets later through Presale because it is open to public.

Q. What benefits does EARLY ACCESS have?

A. EARLY ACCESS account holders of KpopTickes.com will have access to TOP TIER TICKET sales before Presale for general public sales. Buying top tier ticket for the best spot is stressful, but we want it to be pain-free for our loyal and returning customers!

Q. I bought VVIP tickets before, but my account status is not EARLY ACCESS, what should I do?

A. If you think you are eligible for EARLY ACCESS, please contact EARLYACCESS@kpoptickets.com with a proof of purchase of top tier tickets from our site. We will review it and upgrade your account status immediately if approved.

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