Important Announcement

We are preparing a more secure and smooth transaction for the upcoming VVIP ticket sales. This migration requires all registered users to reset their passwords with the new secure service.

Please follow the below directions, this is mandatory for EVERYONE who would like to buy any ticket tier:

1. Type in your log-in email address (NOT User ID)
2. Click on “Forgot Your Password?”
3. This will bring you to type in your email once again to reset your password
4. After typing in your email and clicking “Submit”, please check your email for a link to reset your password
5. Find the email in your inbox and click on “Reset Password”. This will bring you back to to reset your password.

Note that starting today your old password will not be valid and all accounts must reset their passwords on the new secure system. Once you reset your password one time, your account is set up with your email address and the new password on our new system.

If you have not registered with yet, you can now register today without resetting.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Studio PAV Media & Communications, Inc.