Are you ready for Studio PAV’s first girl group tour!? Well you better get ready, because Dreamcatcher is coming this fall/winter! And to prepare you, we’ve created this mini crash course to familiarize you with the incredible girls and everything they’ve already done since debut.

JiU(지유), SuA(수아), SiYeon(시연), HanDong(한동), YoohYeon(유현), DaMi(다미), and GahYeon(가현) debuted as Dreamcatcher on January 13th, 2017 with the single album ‘Nightmare.’ They performed “Chase Me” (the title track) on M Countdown on January 19th 2017, marking their appearance onto the K-pop scene. They have since garnered significant attention for their rock/metal concept.

Their EP ‘Prequel,’ which released July 27, 2017, with lead single “Fly High’ peaked at No.1 on US iTunes K-pop Top 100 Chart. At the end of their debut year, Dreamcatcher were listed as No.3 Billboards Best New K-pop Acts 2017. They also won the Keum Yeong Star Award for ‘Promising Idol’ in 2018.

Dreamcatcher have already toured Europe (twice), Latin America, and Asia — they're really racking up those flier miles over the past two years! Their latest comeback ‘Deja Vu’ is a must watch:

Now, for some fun facts~ Did you know SiYeon is a big fan of metal band Warlock and rock band One Ok Rock? How about that JiU likes Baby Metal? They love rock/metal as much as their fans do! SuA loves drawing and watching dramas as a hobby. YoohYeon loves video games and has even debuted as a runway model????! DaMi likes reading, stating she is a fan of One Piece and Murakami Haruki (Japanese author). GahYeon has a passion for math, having made honor student for 3 whole years during school! HanDong has stated she may have been a flight attendant if she hadn’t been a part of Dreamcatcher.

We can’t wait to bring them to the US to meet fans in just a few short months! So get caught in their endless charms and we will see you at DREAMCATCHER Concert Invitation to Nightmare City in USA!