For those that aren’t as familiar with the holiday, it is Korea’s Autumn Harvest Festival and it’s on September 13th. Similar to Thanksgiving in North America, it is a holiday where families get together and eat LOTS of food. Many people in Korea will travel to their hometowns for the holiday, making for some major travel/traffic. On the morning of Chuseok, families will hold an ancestral memorial ritual offering food and drinks with one such table as below: Things to look forward to at Chuseok: 1. Playing Yut윷, a traditional Korean board game which involves tossing four yut (sticks)—like you would dice—in order to move your team’s pieces around a board with the ultimate goal of having all your pieces complete their journey around the board FIRST to win! 2. EATING all the delicious foods that come with the holiday such as songpyeon송편 (rice cakes with varying fillings), jeon전 (Korean pancakes made of varying ingredients), and much more! 3. Watching all the Chuseok specials on TV with all your favorite Korean celebrities ????—something all of us around the world can enjoy! 4. And of course, getting to see your family and enjoy a little time off!