This year was our first time experiencing a Studio PAV event and it was incredible!! On Friday, May 3rd, my daughter and I attended VAV’s 2019 Meet and Live North America Tour in San Francisco and could not believe how much fun and memorable the night was. We had such a great time that we could not resist buying last-minute VIP tickets to their last stop in Los Angeles, on Sunday, May 5th (VVIP tickets were sold out!). It’s no joke that your events allow fans to get up close and personal with the idols. My daughter, Olivia hit the “whoa” with Ziu and I got to dance with BaRon during the snapshot session! It was so unexpected and so surreal. BaRon’s my ultimate bias and how many fans can say that they danced 1:1 with their ULT???? Thank you Studio PAV!

We had VVIP tickets in San Francisco, and VIP tickets in LA and while both experiences were great, the VVIP tickets were a steal! Priority entry, album + fansign, hi-touch and group photo… priceless! I went from being a fan-Mom supporting my daughter’s love for K-Pop music and dance, to being a true K-Pop “fan” and 100% supporter of Studio PAV’s events!

We are from California and traveled to Dallas to see IMFACT’s 1st US Meet & Live in August. We were pleasantly surprised to see and say hello to your Event Coordinator, Kelly, and had yet another amazing experience! The concert was awesome, and the snapshot session with the idols was a DREAM COME TRUE! We also met and made friends with a solo fan in line with us prior to the event, and two days later ran into her at KCON LA. Now that’s a true “Kommunity” connection!

We are ticket holders to see TEEN TOP in Los Angeles in November and are looking forward to seeing VANNER, and possibly VAV (again, please) in 2020!!

We can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to give fans like us these memorable experiences – ones that have brought my daughter and I that much closer together!

Forever grateful, Roanne and Olivia