I am a Mother of 4 from Canada. My daughter has been a K-pop fan for over 12 years and started showing me their talent in Jan 2017 so by the time BTS came to Toronto in September 2018, I was all in! We attended two of their concerts and I was hooked for good!

My first experience with Studio PAV was with the VAV concert on April 25th, 2019. With only two k-pop concerts under my belt, I was a newbie to this whole phenomenon so I didn't know what to expect. What Studio PAV offered was so different and unique to any concert experiences I have ever had! (not to down play Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and BTS because they were AWESOME in their own right!)

Unfortunately, I did not know about the VAV concert until after the top VVIP packages had all sold out so I was only able to purchase a VIP seat. I wasn't even familiar with "hi-touch group photo" so I thought I would just be getting a high quality group poster!! I am a shy person and not very good in people situations so when I realized I was going to be able to hi-five the members, I was both excited and petrified! I had been getting up at like 5AM in the morning every day for over a month to learn their dance routines to "Gorgeous" and "She's Mine" and since I am just a bookkeeper and not a dancer, I grew to be in awe of their dancing abilities which I could not attain, and was quite nervous about seeing them up close!

Before the concert I found out I could purchase Pick-A-Pose's on my phone while I was waiting in line to get into the venue. I wrestled with myself, wondering if I had the courage to meet VAV in person. So out of nervousness and not knowing what to expect, I forced myself to face my fears and bought one snapshot for my #1 Bias as that was all I figured I could handle - if that!

Once inside, it was wonderful the way it was set up for the "hi-touch" so that I could see the members of VAV actually standing before my eyes as I moved up in the line, thus enabling me to witness other people go before me and giving me the time to try to calm myself before my turn came. My daughter who suffers from greater anxieties than myself was not able to muster the courage to be a part of the VIP package so I was on my own for this one. Every member was so sweet, it was a blessing to get to see them up close and I was super excited to get my photo taken with them!!

Then the concert - which was fantastic!! Our seats were pretty good and VAV were perfection! Now came time for the Snapshot! My daughter was too overwhelmed to take any photos with the members so I headed upstairs to try it out for myself. My favorite member is Ace and I was so nervous when it came to be my turn that I barely even looked at him and ran away without my photo!! They had to call me back and then I clumsily budded right in front of Ayno (my 2nd Bias!!) to retrieve the Polaroid! Since I mostly followed Ace and Ayno's dancing during my morning practices (although I am not very good and too shy to show anyone, I dance almost every morning for 1 1/2 - 2 hours), I had really wanted to tell them how much I greatly admired them and their awesome talent and to thank them for inspiring an old girl like me to try something I had always dreamed of but never thought I could - dancing! I was so embarrassed by my inability to function but glad that I pushed through my anxieties to make a memory I will never forget! It took me weeks to come down from this experience!! Please Studio PAV, bring VAV back to Canada so I can have a "do-over"! I really want a second chance to have the courage to tell these boys how much they have uplifted my life and that they are really appreciated!

Exactly 3 weeks later, I still hadn't come to my senses from VAV when I bought my tickets to UP10TION. I wasn't really familiar with this group and I was scared at the prospect of general admission since I am barely 5 feet tall and I was worried I wouldn't be able to see over everyone's heads so I just bought the cheapest tickets hoping I could sit in the balcony and not be crushed below. Besides, this was a Studio PAV event so I knew that no matter what tickets I had, I would still have the opportunity to purchase Snapshot photos if I wanted. This is one of the best features of a Studio PAV event so that EVERYONE gets a chance to see their biases, even if they can't afford or are not able to get VIP packages because they have sold out! By the time May 31st rolled around, I had researched UP10TION and was super excited about sitting in the balcony so I could clearly see their dancing! Even though we got there really early and were first in line, my plan was foiled because the balcony was closed but I was super pleased when I was able to get a standing position right up by the stage so I could see perfectly!! My daughter and I had a blast! I have never been so close at a concert and UP10TION did not disappoint! Then afterwards, because of my experience with VAV, I was finally able to talk my daughter into getting 2 Pick-A-Poses along with me!! The boys were so kind and gentle! I was really struck by their maturity and ability to calm our nerves and make us feel comfortable! They were true gentlemen!

So not only has Studio PAV given us once in a lifetime memories, but they have also helped both my daughter and I to face some of our anxieties and pushed us to try to step out of our shyness with the exciting opportunities they gave us to meet the artists who give us so much inspiration to really enjoy life to the fullest ! We both enjoyed ourselves so much that we are super excited about buying the works at the next concert - maybe even Snapshots with every member!! My daughter is still too shy and self conscious to show her photos but I have included mine even though I really wasn't ready in two of them and made funny faces - but I want to encourage anybody out there who is shy like us not to be afraid and go for it - you only live once!!! Hopefully I'll get more chances in the future to take better Pics!!

Please bring some more groups to Canada! We really enjoy your events! You are the best for making the most unique fan meetings possible!!

Thank you Studio PAV!!

LynnAnne Morais (fun K-Pop Alias name: LeeLA Jungjeon)