Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in an office, behind the scenes of a k-pop concert tour production? Well, as a current part-time intern at Studio PAV I have the unique opportunity to share exactly what it’s like! First off, the perks that I’m sure you all would love to know about:

-Getting to have k-pop playing on a HUGE screen in the office background while you work all day

- Actively discussing k-pop: such as new releases, who’s currently popular, etc. in a professional setting

- Getting to occasionally eat Korean food during lunch, yum~

- Having an opportunity to finally speak in Korean and stretch those language skills I worked so hard to grow in college - And of course, getting to help make possible all the incredible tours everyone loves attending for the k-pop fans and artists!

Now on a more serious note, working in live event planning/concert management can get pretty hectic.

- Being organized is a must since several things are always happening at once

- In order to get back to the fans as soon as possible, someone is constantly reviewing all emails/social media messages/comments on all platforms o_o

One thing I am truly grateful for is just how kind and considerate the staff at Studio PAV have been with explaining and teaching me how each task they wish for me to complete should be carried out. On top of their regular work loads they are constantly teaching, adding that much more to their own work day. Hopefully I will reach a point where I am able to lessen their workloads rather than add to it, even if only by a little.

If there is anything I would say to the Studio PAV staff, if would be: Be sure to take time to wind down every now and then--unplug and relax. Be sure to take care of your health while working in such a stressful environment. And lastly, know that you are all doing an incredible job! Thank you~