We all love ourselves a new fashion trend--especially when it’s being worn by our favorite celebrities! Being a part of the limelight in Korea comes along with many facets, fashion being one of them. With Seoul being a rising powerhouse in the fashion industry, much of what you see on your celebrities eventually makes its way around the world and into stores near you. With that in mind, here are a few fashion trends that you’ve probably seen this year on your idols during their airport walks to/from their flights: street wear, fanny pack/belt bag, neon, and of course high end brands!

But there are always those trends that pop-up and make you take a double take. Here’s one such trend for us: chunky sneakers

When we first saw these sneakers, we really questioned how many people might be able to pull these off and with what outfits. But, as time has gone by, they have slowly grown on us!

What fashion trends have you seen and loved or even questioned? Let us know in the comments below~