We're sure you’ve seen a crazy number of people release their own mukbang(먹방) videos over these last few years. For those that have yet to come across one, a mukbang is a video where someone records themselves eating (often times) a large amount of food in one sitting. As the name suggests, this trend first started in Korea and has since become a sensation all over the internet in several countries. Depending on the platform, mukbangs can be streamed live and involve the host interacting with—sometimes even taking suggestions from—the audience through live chat while eating. I personally enjoy watching mukbangs while eating myself, it always seems to make whatever I’m eating taste that much more delicious as I watch someone else also eat something appetizingly. Others have shared they enjoy watching mukbangs while eating alone because it feels like your eating with the host.

Have you ever watched a mukbang? If so, do you have a favorite? If not, what food would you want to watch someone eat during a mukbang? Leave your responses in the comments below~