One of the main attractions of K-pop is, without a doubt, the fantastical stage performances with mesmerizing choreography, shining outfits, and catchy tunes that you just can’t get out of your head. And the songs that get performed for these captivating spectacles are often times title tracks. But, there is also a treasure trove of undiscovered “follow-up”(수록곡) tracks released in each k-pop album worth listening to. So, for all the songs that don’t make it to the music show performances, let’s give them the exposure they deserve!

What is your favorite not title song from any artist? What is your favorite album, from start to finish, as a whole? Suggest a “follow-up” song that you think others just HAVE to listen to?

Personal 수록곡 Picks: “Trap” [Alone in the City] DREAMCATCHER | “Beautiful Stranger” [Electric Shock] f(x) | “첫눈The First Snow” [Miracles in December] EXO | “One to Ten” [A Class] Miss A | “The Seasons” [Blueming] CN BLUE | “Icarus” [Verse 2] JJ Project | “Dear TV” [Fever’s End Pt. 2] Tablo