Another delightful Christmas and New Years has passed! We from Studio PAV wish you all had a very merry christmas and a happy New Years day by enjoying the time of celebration and received all of the gifts you had hoped for. The year of 2019 has been a great year working with artists and fans to create the absolute best experience possible. The office on the day after Christmas felt different with brand new gifts that we all received such as the Apple Watch, winter jackets, sneakers, and much more! We shared our Christmas day stories and got right back to work in preparation for our upcoming tours. There is no time to waste when our tour with VANNER is coming up so soon! A new year is coming, and another great year of bringing your favorite artists to YOU is on our agenda!

Although Christmas has passed, there are still some great songs to listen to while the festivity and spirit of the holiday are still present! We have put together some of our favorite songs to listen to during this time and holiday that we also play in our office throughout the week. Some are even great all year round! Feel free to enjoy and listen as we enter the new year. We would also love to hear your favorite christmas songs or even covers! Feel free to share and comment your picks and if you listen to the same songs as we do. We would also thank all of you who support and attend our shows and continue to make this a positive and learning experience for us. We hope you continue to do so in the new year!

TWICE - Merry and Happy -

Girls’ Generation TTS - Dear Santa -

Taeyeon - Candy Cane -

EXO - Miracles in December -

GOT7 - Confession Song -