A part of the Hallyu (Korean Wave) that we all know so well from our fascination in Korean music, dramas, and fashion also includes films. The Korean film industry—referred to by some as ‘Hallyuwood’—is a thriving industry. Some films you may have heard about; Oldboy올드보이(2003), J.S.A.공동경비구역(2000), and/or Train to Busan부산행(2016). Behind all these incredible films are noteworthy actors, crews, screenwriters, and directors. A few notable directors include Park Chan-wook박찬욱, Bong Joon-ho봉준호, Kim Ki-young김기영, and our personal favorite Kim Ki-duk김기덕. Now, as autumn is setting in and the weather is getting chillier, it’s a great time to relax indoors, grab a warm glass of cider, and watch one of the many great films the Korean film industry has to offer!

Here are also a few Halloween-esque suggestions for those that can handle a few scares: I Saw the Devil악마를 보았다(2010), The Wailing곡성(2016), Gonjinam: Haunted Asylum곤지암(2018), and Death Bell고사: 피의 중간고사 (2008).