When we promote any tour, we recruit people from different cities to be a part of our street team! For our upcoming TEEN TOP PARTY TO.N9NE in US Tour we tried to do something different. We looked for local events in each city TEEN TOP was visiting and sent our street team members to attend them!

A couple weeks ago on September 7th there was an event called 'K-Pop Trivia Night at Munchie Street' in Dallas! We sent our Street Team leader, Vera, to the event to help spread the word about TEEN TOP and answered any questions people could have had. Check out the event below and one lucky fan who got something special!

We also gave Munchie Street 2 General Tickets to giveaway to one lucky fan who attended the event! Congratulations to Molly, we can't wait to see you on October 25th along with other Angels!